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Review Policy
Editor-in-chief selects one executive editor (or sometimes himself) which has full directorship for the reviewing process of a manuscript. Then the executive editor selects at least three scientifically qualified reviewers to conduct a critical review of the paper. Reviewers should examine the paper and return it with their review report to the executive editor as soon as possible, usually within 3 weeks. Executive editor makes a decision whether the paper is accepted, rejected or needs to be returned to the author for revision. Executive editor handles all correspondence with the corresponding author. The anonymity of the reviewers is always preserved.
The reviewer recommends acceptance, rejection, acceptance after revision, or re-reviewing after revision through reviewer’s report. If both reviewers recommend acceptance or rejection, the decision stands. When their opinions are split, the executive editor takes a further process to decide acceptance or rejection of that paper. The executive editor may take a further process for the manuscript of which reviewing process is overdue. For the further process, the executive editor may request an emergency review by editors with expertise in the review field. The final decision by the executive editor is usually completed within 2 months from the time of the paper submission. Papers needing revision will be returned to the corresponding author, and the author must return the revised manuscript to the executive editor within 2 months; otherwise the author will be notified that the paper has been withdrawn (or rejected depending on the reviewers’ reports). The executive editor has to check if the manuscript has been revised as suggested by reviewers. If a paper is not suitable for publication, it will be returned to the author with a statement of reasons for rejection.
The time needed for publication from the date the manuscript is submitted to the editor-in-chief to the date of acceptance for publication may vary, depending on the time spent for review and revision. A letter announcing the paper acceptance is sent to the author after the manuscript has been accepted by the executive editor.
Review papers would be invited from well-known nuclear engineers/scientists by recommendation from editors. These invited papers would normally be subject only to minimum review process that ensures their presentation conform to the editorial and review policy of the NET.